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About Your IMS Blog Content

  1. Feel free to use it “as is” without editing. However, you are encouraged to personalize the content by editing and adding your own “voice,” through commentary or sharing a relevant anecdote. Also, be creative with your image choices. Remember, your image does not have to directly relate to the content, the purpose of the image is to attract attention in the social media feeds. We have seen clients have great success using pet photos, inspirational quotes, and other “signature” images in their blog posts. 
  2. All blog content goes through an extensive quality control process that looks like this:
    — All content is researched from current reputable news sources to ensure timeliness and consumer interest (the big guys don’t write obscure articles, but rather have huge market research teams guiding the news cycle by audience interest).
    — Researched and written by legal professionals (attorneys or paralegals with years of experience in your field),
    — Reviewed and edited by an AV-rated attorney
    — Reviewed and edited again by professional copy writers for readability and SEO
    — Proofread by a team of professional editors for grammar, typos, etc.

    Despite this intensive process, mistakes still can happen and may make their way into the copy we distribute to you. Remember, YOU are your last line of defense to ensure copy accuracy. We ask that if you do find an error, even if just a minor typo, let us know. The beauty of digital blogging is that these are easily and quickly corrected.

  3. Your license for this content only covers posting within your Typepad blog. Integrity Marketing Solutions reserves all rights not expressly granted. If you would like to repurpose a specific blog post, please send your email request to us at info@estateplanningpartners.com and describe, in detail, how, where, when and why you are requesting additional publication rights.
Updated on June 11, 2018

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