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Your Essential website displays a unique call tracking phone number. This number does not affect your online listings NAP (Name, Address & Phone), because your actual phone number is hard-coded to the site. The call tracking number is displayed to visitors to keep track of how many calls you receive directly from your website. Reports show you the total number of calls, how many were from new people, and caller’s phone number and the duration of each call.

How to Sign Up for a CallRail Account:

During the onboarding process, you will be invited, via email from CallRaill, to join the IMS CallRail account. Once you have accepted the invite by creating your password, you will have access to view reports.

The invitation will look like this:

Photo: CallRail Invitation

How to View Your Call Tracking:


Sign in with the username and password created in your email invitation from CallRail.

Once signed in, your Call Log will appear. Most phone calls include date, time, name and call length. You can adjust the date range at the top right.  Click on the reports button at the top left to see information like total calls, first time callers, and average call duration.

NOTE: Remember, you are responsible for keeping track of your log-in credentials. We recommend a secure archiving platform like LastPass. Please do not email us requesting your logins.

Updated on June 20, 2018

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