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Finding Contacts in E2

Are you having trouble locating a contact in your E2-CRM? Are you receiving an error notice that a contact already exists? Follow these steps to locate and further edit your already existing contact …

  • Navigate to Contacts>View
  • On the left hand side you should see: Showing Contacts … please select the radio button for All
  • If Showing Contacts is not visible, please click the link to Edit Filter Options that is in the Box for Showing Contacts.
  • Enter all or part of the email address in the Filter/Search section
  • Click to open the includes panel and then check the boxes for Bounced, Spam and Unsubscribed.
  • Once you have located your contact, be sure to click the Pencil to Edit them, and then go to the Groups Tab and add them to the appropriate group that you want them listed in.

Updated on June 17, 2019

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