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How to Edit Your Mailchimp Campaign Editable* Template

*Editable templates are an upgraded service available upon request.

  • Login to your Mailchimp account.
  • Navigate to Campaigns
  • See [YOUR Monthly eNews] and to the right, drop the “Sent Campaigns” menu button down and select Pause (if your Campaign is already paused, then select Edit)
    • CAVEAT: You must go all the way through each screen to resume your campaign, if you leave your campaign on pause, you may miss the RSS trigger and your campaign may not send as you expect it to.
  • RSS Feed > click to Edit if you would like to change the date of your automated distribution
    • Click Setup at the bottom to change the Subject line, or
    • Click Design at the bottom to go straight to the Design area.
  • Subject > click to Edit (if you did not click to Setup previously) if you would like to modify the subject
    • Click Next until you reach the Design area
  • HTML Email > click to Edit (if you did not click Subject or Design previously) to get to the Design area
    • Click the text area on the left you would like to edit and, if it’s editable, an Editable Region panel will appear to the right.
      • Be careful not to overwrite any applied styles. To check, click on the “Source” view button: <> in the toolbar area. From here you may directly edit any text without fear of removing formatting.
    • Hover the image and click Edit. An Image panel will appear to the right.
      • Click “Replace” to access the File Manager where you can click Select to the far right of an image OR click Upload (upper right) to upload the image of your choice.
      • Once you have selected your image you will return to the Design area.
    • If your template gets all out of sorts and you want to start over:
      • Click on Template at the bottom
      • Click Saved Templates tab
      • Click to select your Monthly E-News Editable then continue with edits
    • When done editing, click: Preview & Text > Enter Preview Mode and give your design one final review.
      • Click the X in the upper right to close.
    • Click Next
  • Click Start RSS to resume your campaign.
    • You will get a message:
      You’re about to continue sending new posts from http://rss.essential-client-support.com/feed/ to ### subscribers from the list, [YOUR List Name] eNews.

      Are you sure you want to continue?
  • Click Start Campaign

It is extremely important that you do not leave your campaign paused. If your campaign is paused when the new article is posted, your campaign will not be able to receive the trigger that a new post has been made and it will not automatically distribute for the month.

Updated on June 19, 2018

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