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Learning and Task HELP in Your E2 CRM

Help is never more than a click away when working in your CRM.

There are several places to get help with any task you may want to perform in your CRM.

GUIDE ME & HELP buttons
The GUIDE ME and HELP buttons are located in the top right of your E2 Dashboard screen, after you log in.

  • Click on the GUIDE ME button to open up a searchable support directory as a pop-up on your screen.
  • Click on the HELP button to go to the searchable knowledge base inside your CRM.

INTERACTIVE HELP inside the Knowledge Base
Once you go to the Knowledge Base you’ll have the option of searching by topic, or you can click on the Need Interactive Help? button to back to the pop-up directory (like the GUIDE ME button). Here’s a screenshot of the Knowledge Base inside the CRM. The big blue button opens up the pop-up directory.

Any time you want to learn a new task, such as how to create an email, click to the page from the Navigation menu at the top of your dashboard, and you’ll see a couple of small icons to the right of the page title.

  • Click on the question mark icon (there may be more than one) to open up immediate, contextual help.
  • Click on the small map icon to open up a Page Tour showing you how to use the features on that page.

Here’s a screen shot from the Build and Send Email page:



Updated on June 12, 2018

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