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Logging In and Lost Password

Logging In

Here is the link to the login page for your E2 CRM Dashboard:

Lost Password

We do not store your login credentials. We recommend using a secure archive for your login credentials, such as LastPass.

Do not email us asking for your logins, keeping track of your user permissions and login credentials is your responsibility.

If you have lost your password and cannot login, use the Forgot Password utility on the login page to get a password reset.

Here is a screenshot. Those little words in green say, “Forgot your password?” USE this button BEFORE you try five times and get locked out! NOTE: If you change  your password, certain CRM connections, such as Zapier, Dropbox and/or Clio will be broken. Reset your password, store it in a secure archive such as Last Pass, and then you will need to recreate / troubleshoot your CRM integrations with your updated password.

If You Already Tried Resetting Your Password

If you already tried resetting your password and still cannot login, please contact support at Greenrope: https://www.greenrope.com/contact

Be sure to give them the primary email associated with your account so they can find it, as well as your email address and explain your situation. They are the best ones to help in this situation.

And remember, keeping your logins stored in a secure online archive such as LastPass can help avoid these types of frustrating situations in the future!

Updated on June 20, 2018

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