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Online Reviews Matter — Even If You Wish They Didn’t


We hear you – we really do. Being at the mercy of clients writing reviews online is unnerving. You have no control over what they might say. And if they were difficult clients who made a small matter into a major disaster, who will believe you when you write a response?

The world of online reviews is a challenge, but this is how the world works today – so what can you do?

Accept that online reviews are here to stay.

Understand that reviews help your SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The more reviews, the better!

What about a negative review?

Most people are not in a hurry to bash a person or a firm unless they have had a very bad experience, or unless they are difficult people. But things happen, and sometimes people do post negative reviews.

What should you do? Remember that you have a right to respond, but that your response must be measured, thoughtful and not confrontational. Consider this:

We are so sorry to hear that you were not happy with our services. Our firm takes great pride in treating clients and families with the utmost respect and dignity. Please call me personally at 888-222-4444 so that we can discuss this and resolve it to your satisfaction.

Some attorneys provide further detail, explaining the issue, sharing the specifics and occasionally even providing a docket number so that interested parties can see for themselves what they were up against. Generally, these are not good practices — not only might they be considered a confidentiality breach, but they make you look confrontational, defensive and difficult.

The best defense against a bad review is simply lots of positive reviews from people who respect your work and value the help your firm has provided.

How to Get More Positive Reviews

First, give your clients the best possible experience. Make sure they know how much you care about them, their families and that they are happy with your services.

Second, ask for them. Our Essential Reviews system makes it easy to request, manage and show off your great reviews and testimonials. We even get those great reviews to show up on your website and in relevant Google searches!


Updated on June 11, 2018

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