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Posting and Scheduling Blogs on Typepad

  1. Once logged in, locate box on the right titled “Manage My Blog.”
  2. Click “Compose” to write a new post.
  3. The composition page will load.
  4. Open your most recent blog content document.
  5. Copy the Bolded Title from your blog to the “Title” field.
  6. Copy the Italicized Text under the Title and paste into the “Excerpt” field found below the “Keywords” field (Note: You may need to click Excerpt for the field to appear)
  7. Copy the text from below the italicized excerpt through the reference and paste this into the “Body” field.
  8. Optimize your keywords with your target city.
  9. To the right of your new post, Select/Create Categories for the provided keywords. (Examples: Wills, Trusts, probate, Nursing Home Care, etc)
  10. Add a photo to your blog post by clicking your cursor right before the beginning text. Click Insert image, and browse to and select an appropriate photo. Insert Image.
  11. Click the grey “Preview” button to preview your blog. 
  12. From the “Publish Now” dropdown menu, select “Publish On.”
  13. Choose the date and time on which you wish to publish. (We recommend between 10am and 11am)
  14. Click the green “Schedule” button.
  15. Click the yellow “Compose” button at the top and repeat the previous steps to publish the next blog, until all blogs are scheduled.

Posting and Scheduling Blogs on Typepad from Integrity Marketing Solutions on Vimeo.

Updated on June 15, 2018

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