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Website Tracking in the E2 CRM

Website tracking gives you valuable information about how people are engaging with your website. You want your website to attract and convert. Understanding your site’s performance is key to optimizing the process.

Website tracking lets you:

  • View how many visitors are visiting your site monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly
  • Find out which of your known contacts (Contacts in your CRM) are perusing your website
  • Get real-time notifications when a lead or contact is actively searching your site
  • Find out who your top referrers are – where is your traffic coming from?

Along with website tracking, you can also assign scores to web pages. For example, if a contact visits your About page, this might receive a higher score – as they are actively interested in getting to know more about you..

Conversion tracking is critical to your campaign success. How many people signup on your website and actually convert into paying customers? The ability to track this information gives you the power to update and revise your marketing and sales strategies as needed to ensure the majority of your leads convert at the bottom.

For more information about setting up sophisticated tracking schemes and workflows, search the HELP section inside your E2 Dashboard for step by step instructions.

Viewing Your Website Tracking Numbers

Everything you need for tracking and analysis is under Website > Tracking.

Choose your E2-Dashboard website domain to see your tracking results from the domain list on the left-hand side of your page. The charts are pretty self-explanatory, but the key feature that E2-Dashboard offers is the ability to track specific individuals.

We keep track of your contacts’ interaction with E2-Dashboard and use those interactions to help you watch your contacts’ visits to your website. In order for E2-Dashboard to be able to track specific contacts they have to do something that identifies them to the system first. This includes them clicking on an email (or links in an email) sent out of E2-Dashboard, registering for an event, filling out a form, ticket, or survey. Any of these marketing communications from our system will activate the cookies and will allow the system to know who the contact is and where to assign the page views.

You will see a tab called Known Contacts (under Website > Tracking), which represent contacts in your account. You will be able to see which pages these contacts have visited and when (this information will also be displayed in their contact record under the CRM/Activities tab).

Updated on June 14, 2018

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