Zapier is the platform we use to trigger the Confidential Client Questionnaire email to send in your CRM after a client completes the Priority Quiz. Sometimes in the lifetime of your automated process, this connection “breaks.” While this may be simply because you updated your CRM login information, the Zapier integration will need to be fixed. Outlined below are instructions for fixing your Cognito to E2 Zap. Please make sure to follow the instructions and do not make any changes that are not included in the steps below!

  1. Login to your Zapier account here:
  2. Once in your Dashboard navigate to “Task History”
  3. In you Task History you will see each time your Zap was triggered. There will either be a green check or a red stop image next to the Zap. If you see green, everything is good! If you see red, click into that Zap – something is broken
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Zap History and you will see a red box that explains what the error was (i.e. password error)
  5. Once you know what the error was, navigate to the “Zaps” tab
  6. Select your “Cognito to E2” Zap
  7. On the left-hand column select:
    1. Trigger if the error was in Cognito Forms
      1. Then click Cognito Forms account to update the correct information
    2. Action if the error was in your CRM
      1. Then click GreenRope to update the correct information
    3. Click to Continue and then Finish

If you are unable to solve the problem or the error is a technical issue, view Zapier’s help center here:

Updated on September 7, 2018

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